Amberley Museum

Thursday february 29th 2024 Amberley Museum,West Sussex

£38.50 per person – includes return coach travel, drive gratuity, entrance to the museum and three twenty minute workshops. (Please note we are limited to 48 places for this trip)
To whet your appetite for this trip below is a trip advisor review from a retirement association who visited in 2023

“Our Group of 48 visited and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time! They have retro buses and a train to take you around the site, as well as old buildings. We even discovered a James Bond film was partly filmed on site which the group found amazing. There was something for everyone to enjoy!”

The information and pictures below will hopefully give you an idea of what we should see on our day trip.

exhibits include a working printshop, which is the only one of its kind in the south of england.

the museum has a stationary engine collection and a machine shop.

the milne electricity hall

Named after the late Archie Milne who was the Chairman of the South Eastern Electricity Board (SEEBOARD), the Milne Museum was founded in 1971 by SEEBOARD, and moved to Amberley Museum in 1993. The collection includes a fascinating variety of electrical equipment, ranging from heavy engineering plant for mains supply to small domestic appliances. The hall contains many hands-on activities and there are periodic demonstrations of high voltage electricity, including a Wimshurst static-electricity generating machine, a mains-powered Jacob’s Ladder, a High-Frequency Tesla Coil and a Van de Graaff Generator. Considered together with the Wireless and Television exhibition and the BT Connected Earth exhibition, these three displays at Amberley Museum represent one of the most significant collections of electrical technology in the country.

hidden innovators

Historically women and people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds have had fewer opportunities to succeed in engineering and technology. Assumptions about race and gender roles in the past have limited the educational and professional opportunities available to these individuals. Despite this, there are numerous people who have made significant contributions to these fields, in spite of the challenges they faced.

This exhibition celebrates under-recognised pioneers who – despite the odds – made significant contributions to telecommunications, amateur radio, technology, and engineering. Many of their innovations continue to impact our lives today.

in addition to all the exhibits we have booked three twenty minute workshops for members to enjoy.

Our party will be split into three groups and there will be a short break between each experience to allow for coffee, comfort breaks and lunch. There will be two workshops in the morning, one at 10.30am and the second at 11.30am, followed by a lunch break and a chance to wander around to see various exhibits before our last workshop at 2.30pm. Members can either take a packed lunch or use the Amberley Museum Limeburners café facilities.

The three additional experiences each last for 20 minute and are as follows:

Orientation Talk: Get a sense of the story of Amberley Museum past and present as part of this short orientation talk given by one of the museum team. Hear about the range of industrial trades found across the site, the traditional crafts that come alive here and the natural heritage of this unique setting.

Amberley Museum – 10 objects: What is special about the collections at Amberley Museum? Find out more about the variety of objects that can be seen in the museum and discover some of the little-known stories of those collections as part of this interactive object handling session.

High Voltage Demonstration: Witness arcs and sparks in our High Voltage Laboratory, with demonstrations of a Jacob’s Ladder, Wilmhurst Machine, Large Impulse Generator and Tesla Coil, operated and explained by our knowledgeable volunteers.

Most of the site is accessible to those with limited mobility except for our bus fleet, nature trails, the Billingshurst Signal Box, and some viewing platforms.

We can usually also reserve you a covered lunch space and a slot to ride on our narrow-gauge railway, free of charge.

Food and Drink

The Limeburners café is open from 10am to 4pm when the museum is open. They serve hot and cold drinks, hot food, and lunchtime, freshly made sandwiches/baguettes, hot pasties and sausage rolls, cakes, crisps, ice cream and confectionery. The café is licensed. All items subject to availability.

If you have dietary requirements you may prefer to come prepared as we cannot guarantee we would have what you need. There is seating both inside and outside on the café terrace and you may bring your own picnic.

Pick up times as follows:

North Cheam, outside Costa Coffee – 8.15am

Ewell Village, Spring Street – 8.30am

Epsom High Street, outside Santander – 8.45

We will arrive at approx. 10.00am and there will be time for coffee and a comfort break before the first workshop

1st workshop 10.30 – 10.50

Break and swap groups

2nd workshop 11.30 – 11.50

Lunch and a chance to wander around the various exhibits on the site.

3rd workshop 14.30 – 14.50

Free time until we head for home at 16.00

Amberly Museum Booking is now closed