Family History: When the transcript is not enough

Wednesday, November 15 · 2 – 4pm

Insights, tips and examples for family historians. Why the source document may be vital to your research, by Julie of Syston & District u3a

When the transcript is not enough: Why the source document may be vital to your research

Transcripts can be a very useful tool in researching your family history, at one time scans of the original records were rarely available online. If you couldn’t get sight of the original or a microfiche of it, it was all you had. However, times have changed, online scans are being added to family history sites on regular basis.

We will look at where the transcripts can fail us and why this matters. This will be illustrated through a number of examples. Hopefully, if you didn’t already know, you will understand that there are times when the transcript is not enough.

This talk is the second of three talks hosted by Julie Johnson of Syston & District u3a. The next is on Wed 13 December at 2pm and can be booked via the u3a online events webpage.

This event is for u3a members only.


Expedition Cruising: The Scattered Islands

Date and time

Thursday, July 20 · 2 – 3pm

Neil Stevenson speaks about visiting the rarely visited, French occupied, coral atolls in the Indian Ocean

About Neil Stevenson:

Neil has been a member of Up Holland & District u3a since 2009 and a member of Wigan u3a since its formation in 2018. He is presently the North West of England Trustee.

Neil has travelled to some of the least visited and remote parts of the world. This series of talks are about visiting parts of the world with few or no inhabitants. Places that can best be accessed by small cruise ships. The talks feature the fauna and historical background to the places visited.

Neil is the u3a national subject advisor for Egyptology. He leads and lectures at Upholland and District u3a Egyptology Group and has run residential courses in Egyptology. He has also led several study trips to Egypt. During the lockdown period, Neil delivered twelve online national talks on Egyptology with almost 4,000 attendees.

This event is for u3a members only.