Chinese Wand Exercises for Mobility, Fitness and Fun

January 12, 2024 · 10am – January 19, 2024 · 11:10am

Join two sessions of Chinese Wand Exercsies, with Liz and Nancy.

  • Friday 12th Jan at 10am
  • Friday 19th Jan at 10am

You only have to sign up once, to attend both sessions.

Chinese Wand Exercises – a system of 17 simple movements with graduated stages which are suitable and effective for everyone.

The movements can be performed standing or sitting and are done slowly with attention on the gradual build-up of mobility and stamina. The low impact and progressive nature of this exercise system is ideal for injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as development and maintenance of fitness and health. People recovering from injury, stroke, surgery or periods of inactivity and ill-health can perform the basic movements whilst the more advanced positions of each stage are beneficial for people who want to maintain or improve core strength and supplement other fitness regimes or sporting activities. The exercises are helpful for improving the mobility and strength of spinal and core muscles as they done in graduated stages, each time starting at the same place and progressing according to ability.

You will need a lightweight cane, pole or stick approximately 48 inches (122cm) long and 3/in (2cm) diameter. Garden canes are good or a piece of dowelling but you can use a walking stick or pole, a broom handle or anything else that you might have that is about the right length (shorter is better than longer). A scarf also does the job (and gets you working harder!!) If you intend to sit for some or all of the exercises, have a chair without arms. If this isn’t possible then have a much shorter stick.

This event is for u3a members only.