History – Medieval


We cover the Medieval Period starting with Edward the Confessor, finishing in 1485.  

Our usual format is for one or more members of the group to give a talk on the chosen subject, with everyone else chipping in, finishing with a discussion over tea and biscuits. 

We have been working through the reigns of individual monarchs, as well as looking at the biographies of some of the big names, along with more general topics such as trade, chivalry, the crusades, monasteries, etc.   

We normally meet at 2:00pm on the third Monday of the month.  

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The group meets on the last Friday of the month.

It started some 18 years ago and has been through the History of England, the History of London and then attempted Europe.

They went through Europe country by country before going back to England.

They are currently studying the Plantagenets – having started with the Dark Ages – which they found fascinating – so many of today’s institutions started at this time.

This followed with the Normans and the Domesday Book etc.

They not only learn – but have a good time along the way with outings and lunches!

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This group will cover first the Renaissance and Reformation.

They will then touch on the Age of Enlightenment and the subsequent revolutions in Europe, starting with the French revolution (1789-1815).

They will consider nationalism and industrialisation and their progeny, the two world wars of the 20th century.

Finally, they will consider the significance of the great experiment of the European Union.

Meetings are to be in the afternoon of the fourth Monday of the month at various members’ homes.

History 5 – Group leader – Richard Baker – Contact

MEDIEVAL HISTORY 2 group starting 2023 on the 3rd Friday each month at 10.00am. Venue to be confirmed.

The group are starting with the life of John Gaunt

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