Members Page – We Need Your Help!

Can you stop the clock?

The countdown marker below is counting down the time before we may have to dissolve the Epsom and Ewell u3a.

What!! I hear you shout, that cannot happen. What can I do to stop this disaster.

For a start, don’t panic. You can help, we have four of our trustees (committee members) leaving office on the 7th October 2024. The positions are Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. These positions are essential for the survival of our u3a, we cannot run without these post being filled.

We are looking for members who have imagination, like a challenge, people who can work together with other committee members. Sharing ideas, making things happen for the benefit of all our members. People who can help take our u3a on its next adventure. It’s three years of your life or three years that can make a difference in your life.

We also need a Publicity Officer and Speaker Liaison

If you volunteer for a committee role you will not be alone, you will be nurtured, looked after and supported as you grow in confidence.

If being a member of our u3a is the best thing you have done since you retired or left full time employment  then step up to the plate, get involved, be part of a friendly dynamic team. At the end of your term in office you can look back, smile and say I did that.

Well, are you brave enough to stop the clock

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Who do we need


A message from Tony.

If you have the vision and commitment and are not held back by change or challenge, you could take our u3a on its next journey. Build on what so many ordinary members just like me, have achieved for nearly 40 years. If you have that vision and can stay true to it and if you are brave or foolish enough to take up the baton? Then step up to the plate, give something back to a movement that has supported and entertained you, and will continue to do for as long as it has value to our membership.

As a member for members’ organisation you will not be on your own; the member who will become chairman after me will have the full support of their fellow committee members as part of a team. For three years of your life you could really start to Learn Laugh and Live.  So come on give it try it please don’t let it die.

Membership Secretary


 Contact with all the wonderful members of the u3a
 A very enjoyable and rewarding job
 Keep your brain active and use your IT skills
 Use of the dedicated u3a laptop and printer
 Full and ongoing support from current MemSec (if required)

 Start date October 2024

 A knowledge of basic IT, mainly Word and Excel
 A reasonable degree of accuracy

 Time availability: very busy from mid February to mid April,

thereafter around an hour a week
 Membership of the E&E u3a Committee

Business Secretary


Publicity – (news letter, local advertising)

Speaker Liaison Team – (two or Three members)