Music Appreciation

This group meet at the group leaders house at 2pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

We play mainly classical music on C.D.’s and each member in turn presents their own choice of programme. This could be the music of a particular composer, country of period.

Alternatively, the focus could be on a special topic, for example a season, a special festival, the sea, film music or something from musical theatre.

Sometimes the presenter might focus on a particular performer, a single instrument, choir, orchestra, trio or quartet etc.

A presenter is not expected to lecture about the music, but just a few words of introduction can be useful. Most C.D.’s contains a few notes which give some information.

Several times a year, instead of having a single presenter, every member brings a C.D. of their favourite music to play.

Occasionally I am able to lend a presenter a CD from my own collection, and, if the need arises, I am happy to do this.

Tea and biscuits are provided during the session at about the halfway point and, provided there are no ongoing restrictions, we normally have a Christmas lunch out at a local restaurant.

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