Gill (Beginners Racketball Group Leader) says:

“I went along to a ‘Try Racketball’ course four years ago. At the end of the 6×1 hour course, Jo set up a beginner’s racketball group. There were four of us. I took over as contact for the group. I persuaded my husband to come along to swell the numbers to 5. Four and a half years later we are still all beginners (due to the fact we have no natural talent), a membership of 20 (attendance averaging 12-15 per week), with a social gathering that follows in the local cafe for nearly as long again as the initial racketball session.

Anyone can turn up and give it a try without sky-high session fees or potentially intimidating expectations of ability so they know they have found the right place for them. I also have joined the mixed racket group as well since giving up work. The same sentiments apply to this group. So, in summary, Ebbisham Sports Club gives an opening to those who have not got natural ability to participate, enjoy, reap the health and social benefits of sport, which I have not found to be available in ANY other club within 5 miles of Epsom.

WHY IS THIS CLUB UNIQUE, INSTEAD OF THE NORM?!!” _ RACKETBALL is a gentle cross between tennis and squash but is played indoors on a squash court.  It is played with short rackets and a bouncy ball which is easier to strike and is easier to learn than tennis, squash or badminton.  Good cardiovascular exercise, great fun for both men and women, all ages and abilities.

Ebbisham Sports Club, a friendly not-for-profit Community Club in Epsom, runs 50+ RACKETBALL DROP-IN SESSIONS as follows:

Beginners on Mondays and Wednesdays 10-11.30am

Improvers on Tuesdays 2-3.30pm.

Cost £2.50 for U3A members, £3.50 for non-members.

All equipment provided but all participants should wear non-marking trainers (or borrow from Club if needed).

4-week RACKETBALL BEGINNERS & IMPROVER COURSES are held 3 times a year, usually on Sundays from 5-6pm at Ebbisham Sports Club in Epsom.

Cost £2.50 for U3A members, £3.50 for non-members.

All equipment provided

Please contact U3A Racketball Group Leader, Jo Robinson on 020-8393 5284 or 01372-720647

(Ebbisham Office) for more information or see website www.ebbisham.com .

Racket Ball all Groups (Beginners, Improvers, Rackets 50+) Contact Form Below