Zoom Pro-Diary

Epsom & Ewell u3a have invested in a Zoom Pro licence to use for speaker events etc.

Some groups are running very successfully using the basic 40 minute free zoom package
However the Zoom Pro facility can be used by groups if they would like an uninterrupted zoom meeting for their group.
This facility needs to be booked with the Chairman who can then set up your meeting for you to run yourselves using the host key in order that you can enable the waiting room for added security is you wish to.

If you would like to use this facility check the calendar to see if your required date and time is available

For all bookings please click on the – CONTACT – link.

Mon Jan 2nd
Tues Jan 3rd
Wed Jan 4th
Thurs Jan 5th
Fri Jan 6th
Mon Jan 9th
Tues Jan 10th
Wed Jan 11th
Thurs Jan 12th
Fri Jan 13th
Mon Jan 16th
Tues Jan 17th
Wed Jan 18th
Thurs Jan 19th
Fri Jan 20th
Mon Jan 23rd
Tues Jan 24th
Wed Jan 25th
Thurs Jan 26th
Fri Jan 27th
Mon Jan 30th
Tues Jan 31st
Wed Feb 1st
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Mon Feb 6th
Tues Feb 7th
Wed Feb 8th
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Mon Feb 13th
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Mon Feb 20th
Tues Feb 21th
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Thurs Feb 23rd
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Mon Feb 27th
Tues Feb 28th
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Thurs Mar 2nd
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Mon Mar 6th
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Fri Mar 24th
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Mon May 1st
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Tue May 9th
Wed May 10th
Thurs May 11th
Fri May 12th
Mon May 15th
Tue May 16th
Wed May 17th
Thurs May 18th
Fri May 19th
Mon May 22nd
Tue May 23rdPhilosophy
Wed May 24thHorley/E/E Philosophy
Thurs May 25th
Fri May 26thItalian ImproversImprovised Comedy
Mon May 29th
Tue May 30th
Wed May 31st
Thurs June 1st
Fri June 2ndItalian Improvers
Mon June 5thFrench Conversation
Tues June 6th
Wed June 7th
Thurs June 8th
Fri June 9thItalian Improvers
Mon June 12th
Tues June 13th
Wed June 14th
Thurs June 15th
Fri June 16thItalian Improvers
Mon June 19thFrench ConversationPhilosophy
Tues June 20th
Wed June 21st
Thurs June 22nd
Fri June 23rd
Mon June 26thItalian Improvers
Tues June 27th
Wed June 28thHorley/E&E Philosophy
Thurs June 29th
Fri June 30thItalian Improvers
Mon Jul 3rdFrench Conversation
Tues Jul 4th
Wed July 5th
Thurs July 6th
Fri July 7thItalian Improvers
Mon Jul 10th
Tues Jul 11th
Wed July 12th
Thurs Jul 13th
Fri Jul 14thItalian Improvers
Mon Jul 17thFrench Conversation
Tues Jul 18th
Wed Jul 19th
Thurs Jul 20th
Fri Jul 21stItalian Improvers
Mon Jul 24th
Tues Jul 25th
Wed Jul 26th
Thurs Jul 27th
Fri Jul 28thItalian Improvers
Mon Jul 31thPhilosophy